French National Reform Programme 2012-2015 : Statistical annex on employment

In the context of the « Europe 2020 » Strategy adopted during the European Council of June 2010, the National Reform Programmes (NRPs) drawn up by Member States of the European Union present the structural reforms that they would like to implement in order to meet the policy guidelines set by the Heads of State and Governments with a view to achieving the new strategy’s major targets.

With regard to employment, the common target is to reach a 75% employment rate by 2020 for women and men aged 20‐64. Furthermore, four out of the ten new integrated guidelines adopted in the context of the new strategy concern policies bearing on employment, education and the fight against poverty.

As was the case during the « Lisbon » Strategy, the French Government’s NRP was accompanied by a statistical annex on employment, coordinated by Dares. This Document d’études presents this statistical annex.