French National Reform Program Statistical annex on employment 2015

The Europe 2020 strategy aims to make the EU a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy with high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

It is based on a limited number of guidelines, adopted by the Council of the European Union in October 2010, dealing in a comprehensive way the issues of employment and economic policy.

These integrated guidelines complement the five major targets such as the one consisting in raising the employment rate of women and men aged 20 to 64 to 75 % by 2020, notably through a greater involvement of young people, older workers and the low-skilled and a better integration of migrants.

In order to facilitate the use of these statistics by all Member States within the context of multilateral surveillance, the nomenclature and format used for these indicators is based on the Joint Assessment Framework developed by the Employment Committee at European level to follow guidelines 7-9.

The selection of indicators presented in this annex is based on those selected by the “indicators group” of the Employment Committee, supplemented by the relevant national indicators that help monitor the implementation of French priorities.

  • Guideline no.7 : Increasing labour-market participation of men and women, reducing structural unemployment and improving the quality of work.
  • Guideline no.8 : Developing a skilled workforce responding to labour market needs, and promoting lifelong education and training.
  • Guideline no.9 : Improving the quality of educational and training systems and improving their performance at all levels, and increasing participation in higher education or equivalent.